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Monthly Archives: December 2008

I’m officially a fanboy. That’s right – I’ve reached the point of no return concerning IntelliJ. It’s all about the features.

For starters, local history is great. It’s like a personal SVN right in your IDE. I’ve used the popular ‘e’ editor on previous projects, and while it has a similar feature – there’s simply no comparison. The feature is especially useful when you’re in an environment that discourages partial commits, etc.¬†

I’ve still yet to fire up a Flex project, as I’m pressed for free time. However, I’m growing more and more impressed with the native Grails support. The debugger is stellar and the ability to control a Grails console in the IDE in nice. I’ll admit that I am a bit annoyed by the lack of an in-place unit test reports, but I suppose I’ll live…

If you haven’t checked out IntelliJ – do your self a favor.¬†Rock on computer!