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I’ve recently switched over from developing on Windows XP to OS X. Now that I’ve been using OS X for a few months, I’m kicking myself for not switching over earlier.

However, in addition to the change in operating system, I’ve also decided to move over to the often acclaimed IntelliJ IDEA for all of my dev needs. It’s amazing what this IDE is capable of doing. It’s currently my one-stop dev shop. Everything from SVN, Java, Freemarker, Grails, Javascript, and even XHTML/CSS editing.

I’m currently using it for Java, Javascript (Dojo), Grails, and DHTML. There’s no turning back. Really, with OS X and it’s multiple desktop integration, I’m feeling productivity gains like never before.

I’ve yet to use IntelliJ for Flex development, as I’m already familiar with Flex Builder, but I’m edging closer and closer to giving it a try. I’ll blog more as I delve into Flex development with IntelliJ. I’m sure it will be fun.

Stay tuned.


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