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Monthly Archives: May 2008

I ran across some significant layout issues in IE6 today when using Dojo’s fadeOut function. Essentially the div element I was fading out didn’t already have what IE6 (IE7 too) denotes as a “hasLayout” property. I came to this conclusion by reading the Dojo source of the function “dojo._fade”, which calls an IE specific helper function “_makeFadeable”. The code applies a CSS class of “zoom: 1”, of course – a proprietary IE CSS style, in order to trigger “hasLayout”.

For a better understanding of “hasLayout”, and what it means to the IE rendering engine – check out this article: “On Having Layout.”


As javascript becomes more viable on your development team, be sure to check out Dojo’s support for AOP.

I had the pleaseure of meeting Eugene Lazutkin at the recent Dojo Dev Day hosted by Google. He’s very dedicated to Dojo.gfx and I’m happy to hear he’s working on Dojox.aspect.